one mile at a time.
Automotive & Light Duty


A portfolio of product options to meet the needs of yesterday & today’s cars and light duty diesel vehicles.

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Gulf Multi-Vehicle
Gulf Cool   Gulf All Season
Heavy Duty


Heavy Duty technologies to eliminate downtime for on-road and off-road diesel engines.

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Gulf Charge   Gulf Super Red

Protection You Can Trust.


Longer Engine Life Starts Here.

Gulf is proud to provide you with a dependable product and an American brand. Gulf is an American company committed to providing you outstanding service, reliable fuel, exciting promotions, and dependable gas stations.

KOST USA in a partnership with Nu-Tier Brands is the official manufacturer and marketer of Gulf branded Engine Coolant in 11 Northeastern states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey & Delaware.